The results are in, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won! What a relief for the US! And what a relief for the world!

As a Norwegian who loves the US, it has been pretty hard to watch this wonderful country during the last four Trump-years. Your 45th President has been a disaster in so many ways, in particular when it comes to:

  • How to treat women
  • The separation of immigrant kids at the US southern border
  • Racism
  • How to tackle the Covid-19 crisis
  • Pure incompetence

For a long time, I feared the worst. And as I have already previously stated, I love the US, as you may see in this blog post two months ago entitled “An open letter to All Americans“. In any case, when I learned about the Lincoln Project about a year ago, I realized that some republicans were ready to fight back:

There are many people to thank for this extremely important election victory last week. In my mind, though, groups like the Lincoln Project deserve an extra THANK YOU!!!! It is definitely not an easy task to fight against your own party, and the whole world is extremely thankful for the work done by you guys in the Lincoln Project.

You have produced lots of emotional movies, and below are the three clips I find most touching: