As a Norwegian, I have (of course) no direct influence on the upcoming American election. Nevertheless, I must admit I have some strong opinions, after living in the US on two different occasions in my life (Boulder/Colorado and Orlando/Florida). I simply love the US (as described in this blog post entitled “An Open Letter to All Americans“) , and I fear that this beautiful country may be destroyed if President Trump gets 4 more years. Therefore, myself and MANY of my countrymen pray to God (almost every day) that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will win the election in three weeks. The world has simply been in disarray since Donald Trump replaced President Obama in the White House, and we cannot wait to get the US back to normal! As a small country next to Russia, we Norwegians really depend on our most important ally – the US. I think this close relationship really came across when the NATO secretary general (and former Prime Minister of Norway) Jens Stoltenberg addressed the American Congress last year:

The thought of President Trump staying in office and withdrawing the US from the NATO alliance makes me very scared! So please good citizens of the US – go to the polls and vote in three weeks and make your voices heard loud and clear!!!

Meanwhile, I will post some videos I find encouraging in these troubling times: